Setup AWS

  • scp chazz
  • scp ~/.aws
  • scp ~/.ssh/*.pem

How to Run Spatial on AWS

  • Spatial requires pkg-config, libisl, libbmp.
    • CentOS:
      • CentOS cannot install these package with gcc. Compiling from source and download_prerequisitesalso get stuck for I don't know why. Let's just download and compile.
      • yum install gmp-devel; (this must be first step, otherwise libisl cannot find bmp.h)
      • download libisl, install with ./configure && make && sudo make install. Default installed in /usr/local/lib/. So add export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib to ~/.bash_profile.
      • pkg-config: (sudo yum -y install glib-devel.) download pkg-config and ./configure --with-internal-glib && make && sudo make install.
    • I love Ubuntu
  • Simulation should work now.
    • sbt(need to install java and then sbt)
    • compile
    • runMain HelloSpatial --sim
  • Set up aws-fpga (use version 14, the server seems have strange version)
    • export AWS_HOME=~/spatials/aws-fpga/
      source $AWS_HOME/hdk_setup.sh
      sudo source $AWS_HOME/sdk_setup.sh
  • Compile
    • export SPATIAL_HOME=pwd/spatial-quickstart
    • export DATA_HOME=pwd/spatial-lang/apps/data/; modify $DATA to sys.env("DATA_HOME")
    • sbt
    • runMain appName --synth --fpga=AWS_F1
  • Generate bitstream
    • goto gen/appName and change build.sbt: scalatest 2.2.5 => 3.05; scalacheck 1.12.4 => 1.13.4
    • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError => export _JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx4g" (increase heap)
    • make aws-F1-afi | tee make.log
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